Esther P.
The crispy tacos are really good! I had to call them to clarify since the menu wasn't clear and I still don't know if I got it completely down. +The meat choices are pork, chicken, ground beef, or you can choose cheese or beans. (I would call to clarify) I ended up getting 4 pork and 1 chicken since it comes with 5 crispy tacos. +Now you also have a choice of getting a chicken leg or pickled cow feet. I chose chicken. +comes with tomato sauce to dip in, as well as jalepenos, potatoes, cabbage, sour cream, and cheese.
Mercedes M.
Smackkkkkin! We found this place super last minute on a weeknight for dinner, 30 min before they closed and still made the food with love! was so hungry I took a picture mid eating.. lol I will be a returning customer, gracias!
Chris B.
Delicious Mexican faire that you won't find at every taqueria. Fantastic birria, great pozole, and a very tasty veggie burrito. Check them out for sure if you're in the neighborhood
Victor G.
Yuri's Taqueria takes over Creasia's dining area. not the bar space. order at the inside counter. lots of room inside to social distant. order comes out timely offerings: enchiladas, crispy tacos, sopes, flautas, tostasdas, sides, tacos, quesadillas, beverages, tortas, super nachos. eats: birria, lengua tacos @2.99 -proteins were generous portions, had cilantro, onions garnishes of radish, lime squeeze, plenty of red/green salsa. quality matches amount of food given. frijoles refritos: -menu is quite detailed. curious how pig's feet is served -hand made tortillas are an option. +1.